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How to export Illustrator EPS files to Softimage XSI & create a simple 3D Character

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Although most of the Illustrator users are familiar with the 3d effect in Illustrator, which creates a 3d render of a 2d curve drawing (Click here to view the tutorial). Using the Illustrator Extrude & Bevel option you can only use the 3D mesh in the position you render it and don’t have any freedoms in changing the camera angle view unless you redo the Extrude & Bevel effect again.

This is why using the below technique gives you more liberty with the camera angle and render options. This tutorial shows how to export 2d drawings from Illustrator and use them in a 3D software, more exactly Softimage XSI. There is a limitation to this technique and that is you can only export curves. Any font or other graphic you have in Illustrator needs to be converted to outlines.
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